About Us


On a hot summer day of 2011, a boring summer day of Riyadh, three cousins met up… They wondered what they could do to ease their boredom and make use of their time.

They each had interests in a specific area, one in art and design, the other in fashion, the last entrepreneurship and business. They decided to combine their efforts and invest their time into a project: a t-shirt business maybe?


And that was the beginning of and our journey…

Today we are proud to say that our simple idea of using our time has turned into a project that supports the youth on one end and produces amazing products on the other.

We produce several products with customized designs, most notably our products for graduates of schools and universities in which we embody the joy and achievement of their graduation.

We also work for a number of non profit organisations to give back when we can.

We learned and realised along the way that our achievements are the best reason to celebrate and that we are the best candidates to document those achievements, and that’s why we founded Tee. To create, celebrate and innovate.

By the youth, to the youth.