General Questions

Our unisex sizes can be viewed here.
Our prices page has a pricing calculator and a detailed table with all the prices. If you would like an accurate quotation for your order, kindly send us the details and the design needed to our email (contact@tee-shirts.me)
You can create your own, or choose something form our design or from our Instagram account.
It can take around 24-48 hours to get back to you. If you still didn’t receive a response, please send us another one, because there might be a possibility that we didn’t get it.

Customized Orders

Yes. Checkout our design lab to play around with the colors.
Yes, it depends on the design. Prices may range from 5 riyals to 400 riyals. Email us what you have in mind and we’ll let you know
We try our best to avoid using any copyrighted designs that is made by another artist. If your design is made by another artist or taken from another website, we won’t be able to do it unless it is approved by the artist’s themselves. However, if you’d like us to come up with a new design inspired by the design you want, we can find a way to make it work.

Shipment and Delivery

If you're in Riyadh, a courier driver will give you a call to send you the order. If you’re outside of Riyadh, your order is shipped via SMSA.
Free shipping to all GCC countries. However, to the rest of the world there is.. Kindly contact us via email to know the shipping cost for your country.
We send the order only to home addresses.
When the order arrives at the destination, SMSA will give you a call and text you the tracking number. If the call is unaswnered then the order will be placed in SMSA’s office. To track your order visit SMSA's website. To find out it’s in which office kindly give them a call: 920009999


The quality of the print will stay as fresh as ever. Make sure to follow our washing instructions here to keep it fresh!
Send us an email with a photo of the product and the order number or email you ordered with and we’ll look into it and email you back.

Order Errors

Send us an email with a photo of the mistake and the order number or email you ordered with and we’ll look into it and email you back.
All sizes are listed on our website and are in uni-sex size. If you ordered a size and we made something different, contact us via email and we’ll look into it.


Yes you can. Email us with all the information and quantity needed and we'll cook something up for you.
Keep up with our Instagram account to be updated with news about our discounts.